Immigration and asylum law

Immigration and asylum law governs the access, stay, integration and deportation of 'non-Netherlanders'.

People from other countries can obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands for various reasons, such as for family reunification, study, work, medical treatment, or as a subject of a European member state. A person who is not safe in his or her own country can apply for asylum.

Which barriers are there to your foreign partner legally residing in the Netherlands? How can you obtain a residence permit or work permit for your foreign employee? What do you do if you are penalised for this? What can you do if a short stay visa is refused, or if you are refused Dutch nationality (naturalisation)?

The specialised lawyers at Zumpolle Firm of Lawyers can advise or assist you if you are affected by immigration or asylum law.

  • Mr Hanno Bos
  • Mr Jelle Walther